Passing of the Baton

The title is fitting as is this is the time for older to move aside and let younger move forward.  A & J started as a Detail shop in a gas station in 1983.  We grew a good reputation and had to get a bigger place. We continued the Detail Shop while managing the ‘carwash downtown’. Through the years it has developed into what is known today:  A & J Carwash and Rentals with the Doggie wash.

I have watched and apprenticed a young man for a few years now.  He has collected 2 years of apprenticeship, $4,000.00 of formal professional detail training at Chemical Guys University, and countless hours of online study. He has earned certification in these 5 categories: Auto detailing and restoration, windshield repair, headlight restoration and vehicle protection. He is also a member to International Detailing Association and will be earning further certifications thru the year. I have watched him grow in many wonderful ways.  He has my confidence to fully embark on his own now.

With a joyful, anticipating heart I am selling the Detail shop complete business. A & J Auto Cleaning Service is now Alabama Detail Specialists owned by John Bruns. Same location, same quality of service, and same personal customer service! This change of ownership will occur formally on January 1st of 2020.  Let us all encourage this young man on his quest of business ownership! We can do this by sharing this post to all your Face Book friends. 


Ford mustang