The Backyard Dogwash is a "DIY" "self-service" dog wash designed to make bath time easier for you & your fur babies of all sizes. 

We supply the: rinse water, shampoo, (flea & tick, and regular) & conditioner. The conditioners help with shedding & makes their coats smooth and shimmy.  A force blow dryer is supplied to force the water off the dog without drying our their skin. 

Cost: $10 for 10 minutes.(if you need more time you can add $1. per minute)

We offer a grooming table equipped with an electrical outlet, non-skid mat and an anchored chain to secure your fur baby for grooming.  (You can bring your own brushes, clippers, trimmers, and blow dryers.

The "Backyard dogwash" is well lit and opern 24/7.  It is located in the closed of (fenced in) area that is to the far left of the car wash next to the rental office.