Winter Coat Your Car

As Southerners we like to put on a few extra layers when the temperature drops below 60 degrees. And we like that umbrella to keep us semi dry. Think of your paint in the same way. Before winter season gets under way protect your car paint from road crime, sand and salt. As the temperature fluctuates in such a large proportion, the paint cracks and chips expand and shrink allowing for more grit to get into those open spaces. This causes oxidation and larger imperfections in your paint. To avoid this problem it is good to give your car a "winter coat". The carnauba waxes have there place, but this is not the time. A good washing, paint preparation and sealant application is the winter coat that will give a good 6 month protection against the above mentioned possible damages. The polymers used in modern paint sealants cross-link, creating a barrier that’s more difficult for water. A detail shop with knowledge will prep that paint and get your car warm and protected.

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